Smallest Portable Generator

If you need to carry your portable generator everywhere with you then you need to purchase smallest portable generator you can find. Your generator needs to be lightweight and small so take a look at these generators here.

Not sure which one to choose? ETQ TG1200 1,200 Watt 2 HP 2-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator is a good choice, as it is among smallest portable generators, weights only 46.8 pounds and is very quiet, operates at less then 65 dBA. And you get a 1 year warranty.

You can buy one with less Watts but only in case you don't need that much power. Here are some examples of power consumption (if you want to use more appliances at the same time then you need to combine their wattage): blender - 300, Iron - 1000, 1" drill - 2000, laptop - 20-50, blow dryer - 1000, television - 100-150, CD player - 40... (this are just approximate values).

Small power generators can't give as much power as home or portable power generators and you need to have that in mind, which means you won't be able to put many appliances at the same time on one of these.

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